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Booking Conditions
In these booking conditions, 'you' and 'your' means all guests in your party. 'We', 'us' and 'our' means Tuscany Villas and Apartments web-site.
Before booking through us, please read these conditions carefully, along with all the other information relevant to your booking, including any specific conditions or restrictions set out in the website description of your chosen property or properties. In particular, the specific information provided on the website Property section of each property forms part of these booking conditions.
The Letting Web-site is a advertising platform (see also our Terms of Use).
For this reason when you book a property on the Tuscany Villas and Apartments Web-site you are actually entering into a contract with the Landlord of the property.
We accept no legal responsibility for any contract you enter into for accommodation or for the acts or neglect of any Owner or other person connected with your booking.
When you accept the booking, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.
Making your booking
All bookings depend on the property being available.
You as the person in charge of the party (the party leader) must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking. All other members of the party must authorize you to make the booking on the basis of these conditions. By making the booking, you confirm that you are authorized to make the booking and that all other members of the party agree that the booking will be governed by these conditions. You are responsible for making all payments due to us and to the On-Site Manager/Landlord of the property.
As long as the property is available and we have received any relevant payments, we will give you written confirmation as soon as reasonably possible. Your binding contract with the Owner will begin when we issue the written confirmation. For bookings made within 14 days of the departure date, you will have a binding contract with the Landlord when we give verbal confirmation of your booking to you and you have made the appropriate payments to us and or to the Owner of the property.
We will give you written confirmation, typically by email. It is your responsibility to check your emails regularly and to let us know about any change to your email address.
The On-Site Manager/Landlord - through us - have the right to refuse any booking before we send you your written confirmation. If we are asked to do this, we will tell you in writing and promptly refund any money that you have paid to us. In this case, neither we nor the Owner will have any legal responsibility to you.
As soon as you receive your confirmation, you must check the details carefully. If anything is not correct, you should tell us immediately.
There might be reasons out of the control of the On-Site Manager/Landlord (and of course out of our control) that make impossible to make available that particular property for that particular period of time you originally booked.
In these unlike events - if possible - will be proposed to you an accommodation capable to host a similar number of guests. Should this be impossible to the Owner of the property, the entire sum will be refunded to you, without nevertheless that any additional cost will be accepted by us or by the Landlord (please see also our Terms of Use).
To finalize a valid booking you shall pay the deposit amount due by either bank transfer, debit or credit card - subject to bank fees - within 72 hours from the written confirmation of the provisional booking.
If deposit is not received within 72 hours from the provisional booking, normally it will be cancelled and the property will became again fully available.
Payments are normally accepted in Euro.
The balance of the money owed on that particular booking shall be received either by us or by the Owner no less than 12 weeks before your arrival date at the property.
If you book less than 12 weeks before your arrival date, we/the Landlord must receive full payment of the total cost when you make the booking.
Please note that may be impossible to finalise the payment of the balance by credit card. In this event payment shall be finalised by you by international bank transfer.
If you do not pay the outstanding sum due in relation to your booking by the appropriate date, we will write to you normally by e-mail with a reminder with the suitable payment details. If we do not receive payment within one week from that reminder, we will cancel your booking. In this case, we will be entitled to keep all deposits paid or due at that date and pay them to the Landlord. We will also be entitled to re-let the property.
If you pay by credit card, there will be a charge for each payment made this way, to cover costs and charges we have to pay in connection with credit card payments. These fees will be shown by the on-line booking system accordingly.
Prices may vary until your booking is confirmed. As changes and mistakes can happen, you must check all details at the time of booking.
Unless stated otherwise, all prices are for the property and are not on a per person basis, nevertheless in no circumstances you can occupy the property with a higher number of people than indicated in the Property Section. In that case the On-Site Manager/Landlord can apply additional charges, cancel the booking or assume other appropriate initiatives.
Marketing details
We aim to make sure that information is presented accurately on our website and in other promotional literature or material we produce and provide, however, changes and errors occasionally occur. You must therefore ensure you check all property details and arrangements, including the price, with us at the time of booking.
There may be small differences between the actual property and its description, usually because On-Site Manager/Landlords are always seeking to improve services and facilities. Occasionally, problems mean that some facilities or services become unavailable or subject to restriction. If this happens, we will tell you as soon as reasonably practical after we become aware of the situation. Please remember that Owners provide us for with the information about the properties.
We cannot accept responsibility for any changes or closures to local services or attractions mentioned on our website, by our holiday advisers or advertised elsewhere. We make reasonable efforts to ensure that information supplied to you in relation to the property and its facilities or services, as well as advertised travel and other services, is accurate and complete as at the date given.
We cannot accept responsibility for any inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information about any property or its facilities and services, unless this was caused by our negligence (please see also out Terms of Use).
Changes or cancellations by you
If you want to change any detail of your confirmed booking, we will do our best to make the changes, however, we cannot guarantee that the On-Site Manager/Landlord concerned will be able to meet your request. Where changes can be made an administration fee may be payable to us and there may be additional fees payable to the Owner – any fees will be notified to you prior to making changes to your booking.
If for any reason the booking cannot be modified, and you decide you does not want to proceed in accordance with the originally booking, the following charges will apply. Please note that your cancellation shall be acknowledge in writing from us.
For the purpose of the table below, booking cost means the total cost of the booking, including any extra items, booking fees, credit card charges and administration fees paid for making any change:
- No refund for cancellations made within 30 calendar days prior to arrival;
- 50% refund for cancellations made between 31 and 90 calendar days before the date of arrival net of any fees;
- 100% refund for cancellations received after 90 calendar days before the date of arrival net of any fees;
- no refund in case of cancellation of bookings made with NON-REFUNDABLE rate
The conditions for getting a refund referred to above only apply if the cancellation applies to all members of your party. All prices are for the whole property and not on a per person basis.
For the avoidance of doubt, the cancellation rights under the The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 do not apply to holiday accommodation.
The property, check-in and check-out times, the cash deposit
Check-in/arrival is normally between 15.00 and 18.00:
Most of the properties are keyless, so you will be given a code to enter your property. Please keep it private.
Should you have special requirements, or particular times of arrival please have a look to the Optional Services section or write it to us as soon as possible. Charges may apply for check-in (or check-out) out of the normal times.
If you fail to arrive by 12 noon on the day AFTER the start date of your rental period and you do not let us or the person whose details are on the location details know you are arriving late, we may treat your booking as having been cancelled by you. In this situation, we will not refund any money you have paid, and we will try to re-let the property.
Upon your arrival, if for some reason you have not paid the security deposit two days before, you will be asked by our local representative, a cash deposit of 200 euros, (see also our booking information). Our representative will issue a receipt for this deposit which will be returned to you with credit card or bank transfer within 3 days after the check-out if no damages have been detected.
You and all members of your party agree to keep the property clean and tidy, to leave the property in a similar condition as you found it when you arrived and to behave in a way at all times whilst at the property that does not break any law. You and all members of your party also agree not to use the property for any illegal or commercial purpose, including subletting it or otherwise allowing anyone to stay in it who we have not previously accepted by the On-Site Manager/Landlord in accordance with the information displayed in the Property Section.
You are responsible to the Owner for the actual costs of any missing items, breakage or damage in or to the property, along with any extra costs that may result, which are caused by you or any members of your party. The On-Site Manager/Landlord can ask for an extra payment from you to cover any related costs.
The owner and/or the On-Site Manager can refuse to allow you into the property or ask you to leave if they reasonably believe that you or any member of your party is behaving illegally, or that any damage is likely to be caused, has been caused or is being caused by the behavior of you or any members or your party. We will treat these circumstances as a cancellation by you.
You must not allow more people than the Letting Web-site states to stay in the property. If you do, the On-Site Manager/Landlord can refuse to hand over the property to you, or can repossess it. If the Owner does this, we will treat this as you canceling the booking. In these situations you will not receive a refund of any money you have paid for your booking and neither we nor the On-Site Manager/Landlord will be legally responsible to you as a result of this situation (including, for example, any costs or expenses you have to pay due to not being able to stay in the property, such as the cost of finding other accommodation). Neither we nor the Landlord are under any obligation to find any alternative accommodation for you.
You must allow the On-Site Manager/Landlord (including workmen) access to the property at any reasonable time during your stay. In an emergency or if a problem needs sorting out quickly the On-Site Manager/Landlord might have to enter the property witout being able to contact you; in these situations, the owner/the On-Site Manager can enter the property at any time without giving you notice.
If you make a formal request for the On-Site Manager/Landlord to call out a trade person to investigate or rectify a perceived problem and it transpires that there was no actual problem or that the problem was caused by you, then you will be liable for the cost of the trade person's visit.
In no case you are authorized to make changes, replacements or maintenance, either directly or by calling a professional not authorized by us or our local representative.
You are responsible for all key sets in your possession for the duration of your booking. If you lose a key set, the On-Site Manager/Landlord is entitled to charge you the cost of replacing those keys.
Disabilities and medical problems
If you or any member of your party has any medical problem or disability that may affect your booking, please tell us before you confirm your booking and give us full details in writing as early as possible before you travel. If the On-Site Manager/Landlord reasonably feels unable to properly meet that person's particular needs, they can refuse or cancel the reservation.
Please note that none of the houses published on our site are adequate for wheelchair access.
Special requests
If you have any special requests, you must let us know when you make a booking and confirm them in writing. Although we will try to pass any reasonable requests on to the Owner/On-Site Manager, we cannot guarantee that any request will be met. Confirmation that we have noted a special request or passed it to the On-Site Manager/Landlord, or of the fact it is shown on any written confirmation or any other document, is not confirmation that the request will be met. If we or the Owner/On-Site Manager fail to meet any special request, it will not mean we or they have broken your contract.
Circumstances beyond the control of the Landlord (Force Majeure)
Except where otherwise expressly stated in these Booking Conditions (and in the Terms of Use), neither we nor the Owner shall be liable, either jointly or individually, for any changes, cancellations, effect on your holiday, loss or damage suffered by you or for any failure by us to perform our obligations to you which is due to any event(s) or circumstance(s) beyond our reasonable control ("Force Majeure").
Force majeure events may include, but not be limited to the failure of public utilities (this includes both intermittent and total failure) such as water, gas and electricity, strike, lock-out or labour dispute; natural disaster; epidemics; acts of terrorism, war, riot or civil commotion; malicious damage; keeping to any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction; accident; breakdown of equipment or machinery; insolvency or bankruptcy of an On-Site Manager/Landlord; fire, flood, snow or storm; difficulty or increased cost in getting workers, goods or transport; and other circumstances affecting the supply of goods or services.
In such circumstances no refund, compensation, expenses, costs or other sums of any description (including without limitation the cost of securing an alternative property/accommodation) will be payable by us.
We strongly recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance to mitigate this risk to you and to protect your holiday investment.
Major changes or cancellations by us or the Owner
Neither we nor the Landlord expect to have to make any changes to your booking, however, sometimes problems happen and bookings have to be changed or cancelled or mistakes in brochures or other details corrected. The On-Site Manager/Landlord has the right to do this. If they do, we, on their behalf, will contact you (by phone if reasonably possible in the case of a significant change or cancellation – we will let you know about minor changes by e-mail or post) as soon as is reasonably practical. We will explain what has happened and let you know about the cancellation or change. You should tell us as soon as is reasonably practical whether you wish to accept any change or wish to cancel the booking. In the unlikely event that you fail to tell us that you wish to accept any change, we are entitled to assume that you wish to cancel your booking. In the event of a cancellation or a significant change that is not acceptable to you, we will immediately refund all monies paid to us.
If we have to cancel your booking, neither we nor the On-Site Manager/Landlord shall be liable, jointly or individually, for any other changes, cancellations, costs, expenses, effect on your holiday, loss or damage suffered by you or for any failure by us to perform or properly or promptly perform any of our obligations to you.
Owner's terms and conditions
In some cases On-Site Manager/Landlord may provide services in line with their own terms and conditions. Some of these terms and conditions may limit or exclude what they are legally responsible to you for. We may send any relevant terms to you on their behalf.
General liability
As stated above and in our Terms of Use The Letting Web-site is an advertising platform, for this reason we cannot accept any liability for any act or neglect on their part or of anyone representing or employed by them. We cannot accept any liability for any problems or faults with or in any property as all properties are controlled by the Owners of the properties advertised on the Letting Web-site.
If you have any complaints about any services we provide (as opposed to any provided by the On-Site Manager/Landlord), you must let us know immediately in writing and in any event within seven days of the end of any holiday booked through us.
We regret we cannot accept any legal responsibility if you do not let us know.
We will not pay more than the booking price paid by you, plus any connected expenses you cannot recover from elsewhere, if we are found to be at fault in relation to any service we provide (as opposed to any service provided by the Owner, for whom we are not responsible).
We do not exclude or limit what we will be legally responsible for if death or personal injury is caused as a result of our negligence or that of our employees, or for any criminal act we may commit.
Neither we nor the On-Site Manager/Landlord can be held responsible for noise or disturbance which comes from beyond the boundaries of the property or which is beyond the Owner's control.
We cannot be held responsible for the breakdown of mechanical equipment such as pumps, boilers or swimming pool filtration systems, nor for the failure of public utilities such as water, gas and electricity.
Communicating with you
In order to process your booking we will need to collect and process personal information. For more detailed information about how we use personal information please see our Privacy Policy which can be found on our website.
We would like to send you information about products and services that we think will be of interest to you. We may do this by post, telephone, SMS or email. If you would rather that we did not do this, please tell us when you book, or you can indicate your preference as part of our online booking process.
Governing law
Any dispute, claim or other matter which may arise in relation to your booking will be governed by Italian law and you must agree that any dispute will be dealt with by the courts of Italy.
The prices and booking conditions on the website supersede all those previously published and they may be updated, changed or varied subsequently.
Privacy Statement
The Tuscany Villas and Apartments Web-site is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the security of any personal information received from you.
We strictly adhere to the requirements of the data protection legislation in Italy. The purpose of this statement is to explain to you what personal information we collect and how we may use it.
When you contact us to make an enquiry, or you complete an enquiry form for one of our properties on marketing portals such as (but not limited to) TripAdvisor, Holiday Lettings, Holiday Rentals or Owners Direct,, Expedia, HomeAway, ecc. then you are agreeing to provide us with your name, address and email address.
We use your email address, unless you have contacted us to say otherwise, to send you our newsletters, details of new properties, offers or late deals. Any such email communication will always have the option for you to unsubscribe and be removed from our mailing list.
We take it very seriously so if you will write you wish to be removed from our mailing list, we will use extra care to do so immediately.
We do not sell your personal information but we may exchange your personal information with carefully selected partners.
We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, to prevent unauthorized access in accordance with the Italian data protection legislation.
If you have any questions about privacy please contact us at:



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