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Booking Information
Important information about your holiday

The following information has been provided for your assistance and safety and we recommend that you read this information in conjunction with our Terms of Use.
Whether you're planning a short break or a longer holiday, you'll be looking forward to the experience.
Here are the answers to many of the questions that are asked - everything from when to arrive, to how to care for the property when you're there.
We've tried to cover the most common questions asked, however, please contact us if you have any further questions.

Arriving, parking and departing
When you have paid for your holiday, you will be sent details of arrival and departure times, how to locate the property, where to park and how to access the property. Where a property has a private parking space, this will be stated in the property description.
Many properties have gardens or courtyards where you can enjoy peace and privacy. If you require an enclosed outdoor space suitable for children, this will normally be stated in the property description, however, please check with us when you book. We do not recommend leaving children unsupervised in the garden.
Sleeping arrangements, bed linen and towels

Property descriptions show the "ideal" number that a property will sleep, based on a maximum of one or two guests in a room. If a property also shows a higher capacity (shown by, for example, "4+2"), this means extra guests can be accommodated in additional sleeping arrangements (for example, extra beds in a bedroom or sofa beds).
We do not incentive the use of additional sleeping facilities other then ordinary bedrooms. Should you wish to obtain extra bedlinen and towels please make that request in writing on your booking request.
Under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of guests indicated occupy a property.
Bed linen and towels are provided at no extra charge at most properties, unless otherwise stated in the property's Section.
Where a travel cot is provided at a property, this will not include cot linen (or cot pillows, blankets or duvets).

All properties are cleaned between lets.
Normally, there is no extra charge for cleaning, unless significant additional cleaning is required after you leave, or you do not leave the property and its contents as you found them.
To assist the On-Site Manager/Landlord, we kindly ask that you tidy the property before you leave, in particular washing dishes or using the dishwasher and emptying all rubbish into bin bags provided.
Unless specifically stated in the property's Section, there will be no additional cleans, or linen and towel changes during your stay, however, it will usually be possible to arrange these with us (or with the On-Site Manager for the property).
Security deposit
Two days before your arrival, you will be charged € 200 as a security deposit which will be returned within 3 days of check-out if no damage has been found to the property or to objects inside or outside.
Breakages and damage

We accept and understand that accidents do happen, which can result in breakages or damage to the property or equipment within the property, however, we ask that you report any such accident, or any missing items, to ourselves, or the On-Site Manager/Landlord of your property as soon as possible.
The On-Site Manager/Landlords are entitled to charge you for the actual costs of any breakage or damage in or to the property, or the cost of replacing missing items, along with any additional costs that may result, however, they will be practical about the application of this rule and consider each incident on a case by case basis.
Where towels and bed linen are provided (see also Sleeping Arrangements, Bed linen and Towels section), this is for your convenience and comfort and we ask that you take special care when using them, so as not to damage or permanently stain them.
The use of self-tanning lotion/fake tan is a particularly common example of something that causes permanent stains.
Please do not remove anything from the property. If you take something away by accident, you must notify us or the On-Site Manager/Landlord immediately, preferably in writing/via-email, and return rapidly the item to the property at your own expense.

Minor incidents
Our On-Site Managers/Landlords work hard to ensure that everything is in good order at a property before your stay, however, it is possible that there may be minor incidents during your stay (for example, a light bulb failing or a fuse blowing).
We ask for a degree of cooperation and application of common sense from you in order to resolve any issues that do occur during your stay (for example, replacing a broken light bulb with one of the spares).
We and/or the Owner will work with you to try and resolve any issues that occur during your stay, however, neither we nor the On-Site Manager/Landlord can guarantee that we can do so in good time and neither we nor the Owner can be held liable for any perceived or actual loss resulting in this failure.
Fuel and utilities

In most properties, there is no additional charge for normal consumption of electricity, gas, heating, water or other fuels, including logs for open fires. Where charges are made, this will be detailed in the property's Section and/or will be due to abnormal consumptions (please see also IT and Other Appliances section).
In the event of a partial, intermittent, or major failure in the supply of a public utility, please report the issue to the On-Site Manager, as soon as possible such that they can report the problem to the appropriate supply company and attempt to seek a quick resolution.
However, the supply of such public utilities is beyond the control of both us and the On-Site Manager/Landlord and even after the issue is reported to the appropriate supply company, a resolution may not be possible in a timely fashion.
These unfortunate events are classified as Force Majeure in this contract and are not subject to compensation and therefore adequate travel insurance is highly recommended.

IT and other appliances
Properties are equipped as stated in the Property Section.
Please note that when a TV is installed inside the property, it might receive local terrestrial channels and therefore Italian channels.
Additional channels may (or may not) be available where satellite, free-view or cable television is listed in the Property Section.
Most properties have free wireless internet access.This will be stated in the property's Section.
All properties (unless stated otherwise in the Property Section) have a cooker and a fridge.
All Properties have heating and some of them have a cooling system, which require a certain responsibility when using it. For example when leaving the property please turn-down (or off) the thermostat (or turn-off the system) in order to avoid waste of energy.
Please use the same attention with electrical appliances, checking before leaving the property that all the electrical appliances are off.
Normally our property do not require additional costs for consumption at the end of your stay but we have weekly consumption limits that are not exceeded with normal diligence. Should these limits be exceeded (abnormal consumptions), costs will be charged accordingly.
Swimming pools

If and when heated swimming pools are present on the projects, please be aware that they are managed (and heated) in accordance with the property companies' (and/or property managers') policies.
For example normally they are not heated when the temperature exceeds a certain level and in the months of July and August.
During the other months - when the swimming pools are actually open (like June and September) - normally the heating of the pools is subject to the guest's request and it relies on weather conditions.
If the weather permits it - upon guests' request (please insert a note in your reservation when you finalise your booking) - they will be heated up to around 24 degrees (depending on external temperature). Normally they are not heated in July and August.
Since heating systems are normally capable to raise the temperature of the water a few degrees up, they require a suitable external temperature to be effective.
If the heating of the pool water should be a fundamental aspect for your holiday, we strongly suggest to keep in mind the above, and be aware that no responsibility can be attributed to the property if the water is not heated sufficiently.

We understand the love for our animal friends, but please note that pets are not allowed in our properties, neither in the accommodation, nor in the common areas. And we will be forced to refuse your entry in the presence of animals of any size.
Special requirements
We'll do everything we can to help those in your party with special requirements, by suggesting properties that are especially suitable - just let us have all relevant information at the time of booking.
Many of our properties have cots and high chairs, but please note these properties may not necessarily offer other infant equipment. Please check with us when booking.
If any guests in your party require easy walking or wheelchair access, please contact us and we will be happy to help you to choose a suitable property.
Gas appliances
Normally our properties do not offer gas appliances. Some of them do, in these cases, as you would at home, please ensure that gas cookers and fires are turned off after use and, in particular, check this before you go to bed. When a gas fire is on, children should be supervised at all times.
Should you feel anything strange please report it immediately to the On-Site Manager.
Optional Services

Your local contact when in Italy can manage a number of optional Services you may wish to obtain when on holiday.
Those services can be for example:

  • Shopping basket at your arrival;
  • Romantic evening dinner at home organized by a local restaurant;
  • Additional cleaning of your property, laundry and pressing. For example it is available to you the option to get daily cleaning, normally 1 hour per day for a one bedroom;
  • Local assistance for the organization of cosmetics, coiffure, or massage appointments, local tourist site seeing, regional event ticketing, travel assistance with airlines, car rental and also baby sitting services, Italian language lessons;
  • Management of extra administration services, such as translations.

Generally speaking those Optional Services should be requested and agree at the time of booking, even though they can be discussed and booked also with the On-Site Manager/Landlord.
In this latter case you assume the risk that these Services may not be supplies due to the short notice.
Should you feel these Optional Services can be important to you write to us sooner than later.
Those services are rendered by third companies/people, that adopt their own terms and conditions to supply these Optional Services. Please investigate these terms and conditions accurately and make sure you are fully satisfied with them.
Our company does not accept any responsibility with those services, nor any liability for the information or claims made by these suppliers.

Caring for your safety
Although we do not own any of the properties shown on The Letting Web-site, we do our best to ensure that owners take the safety and wellbeing of all our guests very seriously and that their properties are well maintained for your comfort and safety. Nevertheless, please remember that when you stay in unfamiliar surroundings, you should take extra care of yourself and your family, in particular:
Check the layout of your holiday property so that in an emergency you can get out quickly and easily;
If the property has open fires or wood burning stoves, make sure you use the fireguard, keep children and pets under close supervision and ensure that the fire is safely out before you go to bed;
If you are unsure of how to use any electrical appliances, please ask the On-Site Manager;
If your property has night storage heaters, these must never be covered;
Take special care when moving around the property at night;
If cots or highchairs are damaged or deficient in any way, please let us know;
Look out for glass patio doors or glazed interior doors;
Keep young children off balconies;
If there is a garden pond or other water feature (as for example the swimming pools), please ensure that children or anyone at risk cannot access it. In particular when using the swimming pools children or kids (or anyone else who may be unfamiliar with water) should be supervised at all time, since normally swimming pools at the properties - being private - are unguarded.
Look for any steep drops or steps in the garden and if there are garden sheds or outbuildings, ensure that children or anyone at risk cannot get into them;
Equipment in children's playgrounds should be safe and in good condition. The surface of the play area should be soft, ie: sand, soft earth or wood chippings. You should satisfy yourself that the equipment is safe and in good condition before use. Children should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
All activities during your holiday are undertaken at your own risk.
If you have any concerns about the safety of your holiday property, then please tell us, the On-Site Manager/Landlord or the housekeeper immediately.
We want you to have a safe and happy holiday - a few minutes taking some simple precautions could make the difference between a holiday enjoyed and a holiday spoiled.

Customer satisfaction

We are committed to providing quality holidays and we are always keen to get feedback from our guests (preferably in writing), as your comments and suggestions provide valuable information on how we can further improve our services.
We work very hard with our property On-Site Manager/Landlords to ensure that you will have an enjoyable holiday, however, in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with your accommodation, then it is very important that you register this straight away with us, the owner or the housekeeper and do not wait until you return home, when the chance of actively helping you has passed. Even if you think nothing could be done to make your situation better, you must say something while you are on holiday. Please see also our Terms of Use and Booking Conditions for further information.

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